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Latest added downloads

Mapstockalypse  (Added: Wednesday 20 August 2008)
Mapstockalypse, to easy add (most) add on races

Ped Tutorial  (Added: Saturday 18 November 2006)
A tutorial about importing GTA3 peds into Carmageddon 2, also describing the peds system

KLM drone  (Added: Saturday 18 November 2006)
Replacement for 747 drone

Zipped data.twt  (Added: Saturday 18 November 2006)
The txt-files wich are inside data.twt. For lazy tweakers and Mac users.

Dutch Carmageddon  (Added: Saturday 18 November 2006)
Makes a Dutch language version of your Carmageddon 2. Compatible with both US and Uk versions and fixed some other small bugs Read the readme very carefully for instructions about applying the patch

Most downloaded

Ped pack  (2502 downloads)
Hi-res replacement for peds

Stadsbus  (1275 downloads)
Stadsbus 1975 Dutch city transit bus

Nuclear explosions in C2  (1181 downloads)
Gives a giant nuclear mushroom cloud when wasting a car Read the readme for instructions about applying the patch

Schwarzwald 2  (1180 downloads)
Remember this is not just a level wich you simple can install with Mapstockalypse. You will have to setup some more, but that's clearly described in the readme.

Mapstockalypse  (1170 downloads)
Mapstockalypse, to easy add (most) add on races